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New color as of last week. :) 

New hair, new clothes, new shoes, new $200 router/modem, new tech stuff on the way, all bills paid up for a month (some paid up til June), new kitten too.

Istill have plenty of money for my birthday lunch and dinner plus an awesome evening with Jack

So far an epic birthday for me to come all thanks Jack and I. 

The only thing Im skipping out on is the Denver SnowBall Music Festival this year. 

Over all Im happy and excited. Everything has been going good and staying that way. 

Now that I have a much better internet connection I will be on Tumblr more often. Maybe not always posting or using this blog, but still on Tumblr. 





Glaucus atlanticus (blue sea slug)

These little guys are pretty awesome. They live in temperate and tropical waters, staying afloat by swallowing air and keeping it in their stomachs. They eat the venomous Portuguese Man o’ War jellyfish and keep its stings for their own defence. And they look like cycloptic alien dragons. What’s not to love?

(Photos and info from Wikipedia, the Natural History Museum and Animals Talking in All Caps.)

Why is this not a Pokemon yet

so cool


It’s LUGIA!!!! 


(Source: coattailsofdoom)




I have watched the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy just focusing on Legolas. And it is pure gold.

Orlando Bloom is a gift to mankind 

I will now watch the trilogy and purely focus on the elfboy. Just because this gifset makes it clear that this is a thing that should be done.

Yup, its decided, i MUST re-watch LOTR again! and watch The Hobbit, plus a ton of other stuffs. lol

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