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Its just not fair…

Gawd it hurts so fucking bad this time. Thankfully i have a joint i rolled filled with kush, also got my pain meds and melatonin. Once i get in my bed ill be out of it. My own temp coma. But it hurts to much to get comfy. I just wish i could rip my insides out. These doctors need to realized what this disease does to us. The pain is so unbearable this isnt fair for any of us endo girls. Endometriosis blows. i fucking hate the damn disease. I want my life back, i want the freedom to do what i want with out pain or problems. Its tearing me to pieces knowing i cant do much with my life. I want more done with my life, i dont want to die and know that all i have ever really done is laid in bed, doped up letting this disease take over my body. I just wish things were different.

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